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What travel arrangements should I make?
Your travel assistant will gladly help you with all your travel arrangements. She organises your trip from your departure to your arrival, she can book you a flight and hotel, and also organise your transfer between the hotel and the airport. She'll be at your service during your stay.
Can you send me a preliminary quotation?
If you have no possibility to come to London for a dental check-up, you can send us your panoramic X-ray or treatment plan, and we will send you an approximate plan of treatment as well as a quotation including the full cost of your staying here.
What materials do you use?
Similarly to the surgeries in Western countries we use only superior materials in both or dental surgery and dental technician laboratory from Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the USA. All materials used are ISO certified
Dentist accreditation and qualifications
Dentists must be fully qualified, with affiliations and membership to international dental organisations. In order to maintain their license, practicing dentists must collect enough points each year and they do so by attending training courses, seminars and lectures to keep them continually aware of new technologies and techniques. All our dentists are registered with the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists.
Will I need a visa to Hungary?
Hungary is the member of the European Union, so no visa is neccesary. You need only a valid passport or ID card.
What about the language barrier?
The dentists and support staff at Oswald-Andra Dent speak English.
How will I get from the airport to my hotel?
You will be picked up at the airport and taken to your guesthouse by our transfer driver.
What is the orange taxi card for?
You are supposed to use this card between your hotel and the surgery. Every taxi driver knows the card, and they drive you for a fixed rate.
How will I get to the dental surgery?
You will get a special taxi card to use it between the hotel and the surgery. Or alternatively you can walk to the dentist, because your hotel or guesthous is 10 minutes from there.
Who can I contact in case of an emergency?
Your confirmation letter which you receive per post will contain the emergency number of your travel assistant. She will be available 24 hours during your stay. With this letter you will also receive the most important emergency numbers ( police, embassy...).

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