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Who are we

Who we are

Dentistry in Hungary offers a totally transparent service which ranges from simply booking your appointments with the dental surgery to arranging your flights, hotel accommodation and even sightseeing trips – and there are no hidden charges or extras. We provide safe, professional dental care in a friendly, caring and comfortable environment.

In fact, the costs are so much lower that you can afford to fly here, undergo dental treatment, enjoy the sights and experiences of a European holiday in between treatment and still save, on average 50-60% (compared to the UK)!

F. Oswald Consulting has been established in 1990 in Switzerland and since then organizes dental treatments for patients from all over Europe (mainly from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Oswald-Andra Dent has been working with English, Irish and American patients for 8 years.

Who we are

With our professional medical team of caring doctors and staff fluent in English, German and other international languages we are confident our service will exceed your expectations. In order to provide you with the best possible treatment, our professional team continues to attend periodic training seminars to stay up to date with new advancements and innovations in their specialist field.

The affordability of healthcare, development of low cost air travel, and the high standards and quality of medical clinics and personnel make the region appealing to individuals seeking medical treatment abroad.

Our English and German speaking travel assistant, Agnes does her best to be at your service in:

  • Flight booking without extra charges
  • Help and advice with travel plans
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Organising programs and tours

Thus she helps you to book flights and accommodation and remain in constant contact with you whilst you are in Hungary.Agnes will be available 24 hours a day should you need it. At your arrival she hands you a welcome pack containing all the information you will need for your stay and treatment.

For us it is very important that you feel welcome and safe in Győr, which is why we extend our premium services to you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

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Who we are

If you prefer to have your free consultation in London, please contact one of our colleges. In our meeting room you can meet the Hungarian dentist and discuss with him about the possible options. Considering that the consultations take place in an office, we are not able to take any X-rays and provide dental treatments, but speaking with one of the members of the Hungarian dentists and our travel assistant, Agnes, you can have a great picture of our service, your options and also of the whole process.

We do not carry out treatments in London. Offering dental work offsite could result in confusion and disappointment.

If you prefer to have a consultation in Hungary, please contact our assistant, who will be happy to help you in the booking process.

Our consultations in Győr include our Implantologist, a Restorative Dentist and a Dental Technician in a chair-side discussion with the patient to ensure the best result is achieved.

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Labor - Modelling – Work stations

Modelling – Work stations

Labor - Dental porcelain furnace 1, Dental porcelain furnace 2, Artificial prostheses

Dental porcelain furnace 1, Dental porcelain furnace 2, Artificial prostheses

Labor - Single crown gold - porcelain, Removable metal prosthesis

Single crown gold - porcelain, Removable metal prosthesis

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